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Hello. I’m Shawn Dady, copywriter and marketer.copywriter, software copywriter, technology copywriter, software, copywriting, software marketing, marketing, best copywriter, direct response copywriter, freelance copywriter

And I’m different.


So many copywriters, so many online marketers claim to get results…how do you choose? Which one is the best for YOU? Who really knows how to create advertising, concepts, and ideas that will help you generate leads and make you money?

I do.

If you’re a software company, financial publisher, health company, or biz opp company and your product or service SOLVES A PROBLEM for your customers, then I have a system that will bring in leads and orders for you, way more than you’re getting now.

It’s called a Survey Funnel. And I guarantee it will increase your lead and order generation or your money back. I’ve created many successful marketing campaigns, always increasing my client’s ROI, sometimes by 200% to 400% or more.

The Survey Funnel is a concept designed to create ENGAGEMENT and CONNECTION with your customers. It allows them to finally be HEARD and helps them realize that you are the only company with a solution to their needs.

The Survey Funnel is Engagement Copywriting.

No other system is as effective.

As a Survey Funnel Specialist, I implement everything for you start to finish.

It’s a combination of copywriting and marketing via landing page creation with VSLs, customer surveys, and email marketing campaigns. It is the best lead-gen and order-gen system money can buy.

The only action you must be willing to take is to use a major autoresponder service like Mailchimp, Aweber, or Getresponse.

Once you implement this fantastic lead and order gen system, you’ll never worry about sending paid traffic to your website again.

Copywriting That’s Different

Yes, like me, it’s different and yes … IT WORKS.

Give me a call today for a free initial consultation. I like to build trust and see if we are a good fit.

Contact Shawn at 615-336-2286

1.) Golf Market Example:…

2.) Tennis Market Example (this company went from low sales to $250k in 6 months):

3.) Health Market Example (this company went from low sales to $750k in 5 days):

4.) Survival Market Example:

“Working with Shawn has been a pleasure
and I would definitely do it again!
Not only
is she a fast learner, but also unremitting in
her efforts to understand and even personally
use my product.

My landing page is now fantastic. Thank you

~ Jeppe Liisberg
    President, myphoner, llc

Shawn Dady of Artemis Copywriting is one
of those “one-in-a-million” gold nuggets you
try to hide away. Her knowledge and creative
skills are amazing. Can’t say enough great
things about her and what she has done for
my company!

~ Frank Auenson
    The Let Me Be Frank Guy, llc

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