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Worried About Making Big Money
in the Software Copywriting Market? 

You Won’t Be Anymore …

Try googling “software publishing”, and you’ll quickly see that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of web pages out there related to software products and services.

And now think about this. Every single one of those pages was written by a copywriter (at least, they should have been) … thousands of opportunities, plenty of work …

THAT, my friend is what it’s like to be writer for the lucrative software market. It’s wide open, the sky’s the limit, and there’s plenty of room for copywriters like you.

But you should know that companies in this market face one big challenge.  And that is that their industry is super-competitive. They’re always asking “How do we stand out in a sea of similar products? How do we get customers to take notice, stay on our page, and pull out their credit cards?”

That of course, is definitely good news for copywriters like you and me. Their challenge is a golden opportunity for you … if you know the insider secrets to writing this type of copy.

And in the newly updated Secrets of Writing for the Software Market, you’ll learn just what those insider secrets are — things that have taken some writers years to discover.  Not only that but we’ll show you where to find those top software companies and show you how to approach them.

We’ve created what we feel is the best, most comprehensive guide to getting you well on your way to being a top writer for the software industry.  This course is jam-packed with techniques and formulas that will shave years off your journey to success.

For example, inside you’ll discover:

How to avoid coming off as a beginner … look like a total pro right away and be the software copywriter who lands a big client your first time out.

The secret formula for finding the “voice” that appeals to one particularly HUGE group of software buyers who are extremely interested in mobile connectivity … this demographic is prime for what you’ll be able to offer and the big companies know it.

A “magic roadmap” to help you navigate all the pitfalls and mistakes that beginner software copywriters make … leap ahead of the competition and land the clients that pay well.

Many of the top software companies lament on a daily basis that there are not enough copywriters for the products they want to promote — they’re always needing more.  With the right training, YOU could be one of those writers.

And of course, you do realize what’s great about this lack of copywriters for the software market, right? The shortage of copywriters who really know what they’re doing in this market means that companies in the software lead gen space are falling all over themselves trying to find them.

And that means … a more lucrative income for you.

THE TRUTH about selling yourself
as a software copywriter … 

It’s urgent to know this one technique before you even begin — if you don’t, you’ll be missing out and how it could cost you a fortune.

You see, if you are properly prepared you’ll be able to command top dollar. Many AWAI-trained software copywriters are making 6-figure incomes, right now.  The high demand for these writers means they are unstoppable ... they can name their own price.

And that’s just what the newly updated Secrets of Writing for the Software Market does for you.  It prepares you like nothing else and gets you ready to write for this nuanced market, which has some special challenges that other niches don’t have.

And that’s actually a good thing – since so few writers know what those subtleties are, you’ll have the advantage when it comes to making a name for yourself in this niche.

Inside the course, you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid the legal pitfalls of writing software copy … make yourself valuable to the big companies — a copywriter who knows how to protect their interests with your HIPAA-compliant writing — you’ll be far ahead of the competition.
  • The simple-to-master technique that will nail the valuable spark of connection with your client and convince him that you are the right software copywriter to hire.
  • The secret to creating a fantastic “swipe file” … how to dissect winning software ads and pull out the good stuff for your own copy.
  • The surefire way to ACE your industry spec challenges at AWAI’s 2014 Bootcamp  this year, even if you’re just starting out … you want to win one of those $25,000 challenges, right?
  • How to say goodbye forever to feeling inadequate at promoting yourself as a software copywriter … use this one technique and you’ll have big clients INSISTING  on hiring you.

Once you write a good software promotion or two using what you’ve learned in this program, word starts to spread.  Companies love finding a proven writer and you’ll be able to write your own ticket.

If you’ve been looking for a niche that really fits who you are and what you believe in, this could be it. Secrets of Writing for the Software Market can get you started in the best way possible, and in just a few short weeks, your career could start to take off.

Secrets of Writing for the Software Market  $399.00

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