Complete Website Copy and Design
Nashville Dental Implant Center – Medical
The Let Me Be Frank Guy – Life Coaching
Sunset Blvd Studios – Music Industry
One Trusted Advisor password: 1234 – Financial
Cascadia Creamery – Food (Copy only)

Full Survey Funnel

Survey Funnel for Bank On Yourself Financial

Sales Letters/Landing Pages – Health Market

Body Language For Profits – Landing Page
Simple Smart Science: MindBoost ProIQ – Video Sales Letter

An Herbal Wonder for Skin Cancer
 – Landing Page

Email Marketing – Health Market

Why Root Canals Are Nasty
Healthy, Asthma-Free Kids Found in the Cold Mountains!
Nuclear Fusion in Your BED (No Not That)

Published Articles/Content – Health Market
RagTag Research Geeks – Aspartame
Raw Milk – Paradise or Poison?

Sales Letters/Landing Pages – Financial and Technology

The Women’s Financial Newsletter – Landing Page
The Safe Money Report – Landing Page

The Orange Rock Cloud Service – Landing Page
Myphoner CRM – Landing Page
(See it live at get.myphoner.com)

Published Articles/Content – Technology
eCommerce Insiders: Four Reasons You’re Missing Out
If You’re Not Using This eCommerce Platform

eCommerce Insiders: A Brilliant Reason
to Use WooCommerce as Your Next eCommerce Platform

Case Studies

Case Study: “Company Makes 250K in 6 Months Using Survey Funnels”
Case Study: “Company Made $750K in Only 5 Days Using
Survey Funnels”
Case Study: “Huge Customer Base Increase with Artemis Copywriting”

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