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The Secret to Increasing Your Sales
Never Be Afraid to Pay for Traffic Again

As a SURVEY FUNNEL SPECIALIST I can tell you that the survey funnel technique is one of the hottest, most revolutionary lead-gen and order-gen systems available for brick and mortar products as well as online products. If you want to be confident sending paid traffic to your offer, this is the best system there is.

I helped the author write the book called Ask which is all about survey funnels, and I also wrote the case studies in the book at the end.  The first case study was about a company implementing survey funnels into their online model who went from very low conversion rates to selling $750k of product in 5 days. The other company I wrote about sold $250k in a matter of 6 months.

There is nothing else as effective for selling your products.

At Artemis Copywriting, I get measurable increases in ROI for my clients, even as much 400% for one company, using proven marketing processes and analytics.

And just to let you know I am also a software copywriter. For many years, I was a Network Administrator and Software Buyer for several major firms like Exxon Mobile, Smith Offshore, and Provident Music Group, and I can tell you – I know what corporate software buyers are looking for.

I was responsible for many of purchasing decisions at these large enterprises and the target of multiple marketing campaigns. I understand the corporate buyer because I WAS the corporate buyer.

Copywriting That Simplifies and Increases Credibility

This makes me the ultimate software copywriter because I know exactly what they want. And I can tell you one thing –  busy corporate buyers want a quick, easy to understand experience on your website as well as a product that will make THEM look good to their own company.

They want simplicity, credibility, and great tech support as well as a company with a good reputation.

Some essential credibility elements I offer as a copywriter are:

  • Case studies – that show off the success your software has created for clients.
  • White papers –  professionally written, that explain how your solution could increase productivity for clients.
  • An About Us Page – that is NOT all about your company, but positioned in such a way that shows how everything about your company will benefit the client.

Credibility of course, creates trust and trust equals … sales.

Copywriting With Critical Target Market Insight

Working with a marketer you can trust, one who has the critical target market insight you need can make all the difference in your campaigns.

My proven marketing methods and survey funnels always generate more leads, more sales, and more revenue.

So when you have to look good, very good, to upper management and bring in consistent leads and revenue, it only makes sense to work with a marketer who understands the lead-gen space and “knows your audience” this well.