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With her 25 year background as a Network Administrator in charge of software purchases at large corporations and her many years in sales and marketing, Shawn is the ideal copywriter for mid-sized to enterprise-level technology companies in the software lead-gen space.

She understands that the primary value of software to the business owner is increased productivity and enhanced efficiency, resulting in quicker profitability.

Having made many of the software purchasing decisions for her large and prestigious corporate employers, she brings a unique insider’s understanding of what motivates in the software space. As a copywriter, she uses that understanding to masterfully engage and influence the software buyer.

Few – if any – copywriters have been software purchasers themselves.  Who better to persuade someone to purchase than a former software purchaser?  Shawn will meet your buyer’s objections, allay their fears, and help conquer “purchase by committee” obstacles.  She focuses on the bottom line – engagement, leading to conversion, leading to ROI.