Only a Few Software Publishers
Know These Secrets –
And It’s Making Them Millions

A Good Copywriter Knows the Buyer

What makes a successful copywriter is the ability to reach into the hearts and minds of the purchaser…to know them intimately.  

Copywriting for Software and Technology

Nowhere is this more true than copywriting for the world of software publishing.  Knowing what makes the customer “tick” is incredibly important in creating powerful sales copy that will persuade a busy corporate software buyer to pick up the phone and call you.

Do you understand the mind of the corporate software decision maker? Did you know that many purchasing decisions are based on ego, job security, and the perceived reputation and prestige of your company?

Do you know what keeps your buyer “up at night” and why they purchase software solution over another? 

I do. 


As a network administrator for several years at major firms like Exxon Mobile, Smith Oil, Provident Music Group, Rich Foods, and others, I was the target of many software company marketing campaigns. I made many of the software purchasing decisions and I can tell you this – there were some very specific reasons I chose one software solution over another.

I’m Unique to the Copywriting World

Because of this, I’m unique to the copywriting world. I don’t need to “get into the mind of the target audience” because I already possess the insider knowledge.  This knowledge is the tool that can turn “ho-hum” sales results into results worth shouting about.

I Was the Target Market

A copywriter/consultant who has actually been the software buyer, been the target market, will know more about the frustrations, goals, and realities of a software buyer.

You cannot know a target market more intimately than having been the target market itself. Having had to accept or reject hundreds of sales pitches from software publishers, I know what the corporate software buyer looking for and how best to approach them.

The Software Copywriter With Insider Knowledge

When you’re looking for a copywriter who can make a significant difference to your bottom line, it only makes sense to work with one who has a direct connection with the target market.

Watch Anthony’s story below.

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