The Value of an Excellent Copywriter

The Value of an Excellent Copywriter

When you say the word “copywriter” what comes to mind?

Do you see them as writers? Storytellers? Or perhaps pros who generate profitable ads for you using intelligent words and smart positioning?

Here’s a clue: a copywriter is a whole lot more than that.

Of course, they’ll possess all these skills if they’re good writers, but in actuality, when you hire a copywriter, what you’re really doing is hiring a marketing consultant for your company.

The corporate world is more of a performance venue than ever, overflowing with competition and the white noise of companies screaming to get their side of the story out.

A true copywriter will construct your marketing tale with elegance and precision – using verbal blueprints and techniques that sell every time. As your marketer they will guide you in your marketing materials every step of the way.

The power and value of copywriting is the ability to tell your marketing story in an exceptional way while also optimizing your promos for maximum cash flow, pointing the client directly back to the benefits of using you and your business.

Hiring a freelance copywriter can be intimidating and does require a certain amount of trust. After all, they are crafting the public representation of your whole enterprise. But copywriters are trained wordsmiths – and the responsibility of crafting your public image is something every that copywriter takes very seriously, with the right and measured amount of gravitas and precision.

Don’t go it alone. DIY copywriting is akin to trying to SEO your own website or do your own graphic design – it’s obvious. Keep in mind the brilliant selling power that a great wordsmith/marketing consultant/copywriter brings to the table.

Excellent copywriters are worth every penny because good sales copy brings in new leads and ultimately, more revenue. And that’s why you’re in business.

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