Five Top Reasons To Get A Copywriter For Your Website

Five Top Reasons To Get A Copywriter For Your Website

If saving time and money are important to you, if your English grades were below par, and if you don’t know how to promote yourself, then don’t write the copy for your website. Get a great copywriter.
Here’s why.

1) A good copywriter will have experience. They not only know how to write in perfect English, they also know how to prepare sales copy, how the web works, the importance of keywords and the way to use them. Choosing the right copywriter out of hundreds on the internet depends really on the expectations you have for your website.

Just as websites range from basic e-commerce sites to highly-technical, interactive multimedia sites, copywriters come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Their skills will vary according to their experience, background, personal education and knowledge, so do your research. Ask to speak to recent clients and don’t rely on their online testimonials or Google reviews.

2) Good copywriters have an eye for detail. I know of someone who started out as a website copywriter ten years ago and deliberately typed misspelled words into Google. Phrases included: “Accommodation”, “Stationary and Website Design”, and “Pubic Relations.”

Many websites popped up with these mistakes and Voila! Her business was born. She diplomatically contacted the companies and pointed out the errors, and she picked up work. Of course, it seemed a little mean to profit from someone else’s mistakes. But from there on out, she had to rely purely on her skills.

A good copywriter can spot a typo a mile away and believe me, they want to correct it. It’s like having a bad itch and not being able to scratch.

(If you’re a beginner copywriter striving to be a great copywriter, be VERY CAREFUL not to leave careless errors on your website, like grammar or spelling. It will definitely be caught be someone, and it’s not a good reflection on your skills. Always have an eye for detail.)

3) A good copywriter is fast. If you’ve decided to take your business online, you definitely will want it up and running fast. Here’s where using a pro can make all the difference in the time it takes to get you up and running. Quick content writing will have you engaging with clients sooner than if you tried to do it yourself.  Don’t waste time agonizing over sentence structure, checking the thesaurus and re-working copy. A copywriter can do it quickly and take all the headache out of it for you.

4) A good copywriter is a great value for money. Copywriting prices can vary wildly – from A-list, super-expensive copywriters to the almost free writing offered from developing nations. But somewhere in between, there are good copywriters that don’t charge crazy rates for original copy and offer work that is crafted with great precision. Most copywriters fall into this classification. They just want to make a decent living doing excellent work.

Poor work coupled with high prices won’t lead to repeat business or referrals. And using third-world writers to save a few bucks might be a quick fix, but the work is unlikely to be very good quality and will need some serious editing by a professional. It will also fail to connect with English-speakers because it was written by someone in a completely different culture who does not understand the American mind and nuances of advertising to it.

5) It’s hard to talk about and promote yourself. Unless you’re one of the Kardashians, promoting yourself usually doesn’t come easy. And writing about yourself is even more difficult.

A professional copywriter can take an outside view of your company, analyze your competition and then create copy that positions your online presence in a positive, objective way. A good copywriter can write about features and benefits of your business that you are around every day and therefore blind to, including your unique selling proposition (your USP), client support and your personal commitment and passion. As a business owner you know it is all there, but a copywriter will expand upon it, highlight the good parts and minimize the negatives.

Taking shortcuts or a cheapskate approach to copywriting is akin to DIY graphic design and SEO. It shows. Getting it right the first time not only saves you time and money but the end result will look polished, professional, and “word perfect.”

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