About Me

copywriting, email marketing, product launch, health copywriterFrom multi-million dollar enterprises to smaller firms, I write lead and order-generating copy that delivers quantifiable, money-making results in many different niches, but especially the health niche.

I’m Shawn Dady and I’m an AWAI-trained, direct response copywriter, marketer, and “Launch Formula” specialist. I’ve been a freelancer in that capacity for over 12 years.

I offer low cost digital testing for my clients to measure results. When combined with good direct response copy, these kinds of measurements dramatically lower the cost of launching new campaigns. They also give clients a lower cost per lead and lower client acquisition costs.

Some of my clients were even saved from bankruptcy because of my promotions for their firm.

My specialties are:

* Sales pages with emotion-targeting, persuasive copy for lead and order gen.

* Email marketing drip sequences to grow your list, build your brand, and establish great relationship with your audience

* Video Sales Letters, one of the hottest formats today, with strong scripts and strong call to actions

You need copy written in your “voice” that grabs and engages your audience’s attention. With catchy headlines and emotion-driven copy, I turn your skeptical prospects into happy buyers.

If you want to get more customers, more orders, and more revenue in the door, contact me today.

Shawn Dady



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rtemis (also called Diana) was a Greco-Roman goddess of ancient mythology. Scopywriter, software copywriter, technology copywriter, software, copywriting, software marketing, marketing, best copywriter, direct response copywriter, freelance copywriterhe was known for her prowess as a hunter, a gatherer, and an aggressive protector of all that she valued. Those skills are just as important today as they were in the Roman Empire.

At Artemis Copywriting, I am a hunter for the right ideas and concepts to market your company, gatherer of content to strategically support your goals, and an aggressive problem solver, dedicated to the highest ROI for your business.