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Shawn Dady - Marketer, Senior Copywriter, & Editor

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Ask yourself:

* Do you struggle with writing persuasive copy? Do you feel like you could be making more money but need more guidance on marketing?

* Do you feel like you need ads that really get money in the door?

* Have you been hearing about different marketing techniques like survey funnels and launch formulas but don’t know how to implement them? 

I’ll help you transform your business in as little as 6 months or less. Let’s open up the pipeline of lead and order generation.

You have knowledge – you should share it. Your audience wants to know your secrets. When you create online programs and use specific marketing techniques to promote them, you create success – PLUS, you make money in your sleep.

But online programs don’t promote themselves – you also need persuasive email marketing campaigns with clicks to landing pages. Marketing strategies such as the Product Launch Formula are my focus – I implement them for you from start to finish, creating webinars, training videos, content, and more.

These elements scale your business up to new, more profitable heights. I also help you build your list with creative lead magnets such as free eBooks to encourage opt-ins like never before.

More Effective Marketing/Copywriting

In addition, the famous “Survey Funnel” is one of the best services I offer. It’s the ultimate engagement tool that shows your prospects exactly how YOU can solve their problems.

My focus is to bring you more revenue in the door. I help you:

* Make you money in your sleep and transform your business with online programs

* Support those programs with persuasive sales pages and marketing strategies  

* Transform your business and increase your profits through email marketing campaigns that build your list, establish you as an authority, and build your brand.

With marketing strategies designed to scale your business up to new heights, you’ll see more leads and more sales for your business and ultimately, transform your business forever. Contact me today for a consultation.



copywriting, email marketing, product launch, health copywriter“Working with Shawn has been a pleasure and I would definitely do it again!
Not only is she a fast learner, but also unremitting in her efforts to understand and even personally use my product.

My landing page is now fantastic. Thank you Shawn!”

~ Jeppe Liisberg
President, myphoner, llc


frank auenson

Shawn Dady of Artemis Copywriting is one of those “one-in-a-million” gold nuggets you try to hide away. Her knowledge and creative skills are amazing. Can’t say enough great things about her and what she has done for my company!

~ Frank Auenson
The Let Me Be Frank Guy, llc